Afnan Rare Tiffany (w) Edp 100ml


fnan Rare Tiffany by Afnan Perfume. The deep, sensuous fragrance of Afnan Rare Tiffany is a priceless gem in the fragrance world. Opening with top notes of rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine, it projects a feminine and floral accord that accentuates the wearer’s confidence and sophistication. Sandalwood, musk, and vanilla heart notes add a touch of warmth and romance that beautifully balances the sweetness of the floral opening. The base of pink pepper, caramel, and ginger expertly blends sweetness and spice for a scent that is equally lovely and intriguing. Both the bottle and the outer carton of this beautiful fragrance boast the signature Tiffany blue.

Afnan perfumes opened in the United Arab Emirates in 2012 and now produces over 40 fragrances for men and women. They feature bold and daring scents that appeal to discerning consumers, and they market several oriental and occidental blends. They offer fragrance collections, as well as several stand-alone scents to appeal to a range of tastes.

Top notes: citrus, litchi, raspberry
Middle notes: lily of the valley, peony, rose
Base notes: musk, powdery notes.

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